An Introduction

I have made a commitment to myself to write down my thoughts, in some manner that it may be legible to others, perhaps even enjoyable and I would hope insightful. I pride myself on being a fairly intelligent person, lord knows I have been told often enough that I was smart. I hope to hone my writing and research skills, long dormant since leaving university. I welcome anyone to read and share their opinions as I am always open to constructive criticism.

Those who know me, know that I place a strong emphasis on logic, reason and rational thought. I advocate for critical thinking and intelligent dialogue. I have grown weary of the constant rhetoric and bickering that relies more on knee-jerk emotional reactions than well thought out arguments. I have found this true of those on both sides of the political spectrum though as of late the Right has proved particularly problematic. I speak of course of the recent election of President Trump who has, along with fellow Republicans, brought post-truth politics to the forefront. Stephan Colbert’s “truthiness” is the rule and not the exception. I hope that, in light of this shift, that those in opposition to Trump will hold fast to rationalism and not sink to their level.

I hope to write as often as possible and intend to grow and improve with time. Join me and lets see what happens.


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